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Kinesiology is a fast growing therapy for people looking to start a career in an alternative therapy.


At the end of each course you recieve a certificate confirming your attendance.

Online Courses

Kinesiology Courses are online now.

20 Years of Excellence

We have been training people like you for the last 20 years and have many Kinesiology success stories we can share with you.


Our Courses

Health Kinesiology Introduction

The Beginning of your Kinesiology Journey

The Kinesiology Introduction course is a pre-requisite to level 1 and is a 2 day online course for all those interested in learning more about Kinesiology and it’s benefits.

Health Kinesiology Levels 1 – 3

For those looking to start their career or  simply help friends and family using Health Kinesiology Techniques

These Kinesiology Courses teach you how to help yourself, friends and family and is the stepping stone to the professional qualification.

Health Kinesiology Levels 4 – 6

These courses are for you if you wish to become a Health Kinesiology Specialist

Levels 4 – 6 bring you to the professional status of Health Kinesioology Specialist and you become certified by HK Global.

Health Kinesiology Levels 7 – 10

These courses are optional for those Health Kinesiology Specialists that want more.

These courses cover more intricate Kinesiology techniques to make you a Master in Health Kinesiology.

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Why Learn Kinesiology?

A New Way to Help your Health

Kinesiology is a way of finding energetic imbalances and retuning them.

Increase Your Business / Job Opportunities

Whether you are looking to change career or simply add another string to your bow, Kinesiology is a great asset in your toolbox.

A Better Understanding of your Health

With Kinesiology you will learn many new techniques to balance your energy system.  

Become a Better Learner

The courses are well structured and follow a specific route to accreditation.  Your tutor has over 20 years of experience teaching Kinesiology.


Popular Courses

2 day course

Health Kinesiology Introduction

This is your introduction to Kinsesiology, a 2 day course with so much covered in a short time, at £185 it really is worthwhile for anyone interested in Kinesiology.


Health Kinesiology Level 1

Following on from the the introduction course this is a 4 day courses where you will learn the basics of Health Kinesiology.

Training Route

In just two years you can become a qualified Health Kinesiologist.  There will be ongoing evaluations between each module to ensure you are a suitable candidate for this therapy.

Study to become a Kinesiologist today.

Introduction to Health Kinesiology

A one or two day Introduction to Muscle Response Testing and Energy Balancing.

Health Kinesiology Level 1

HK 1: Introducing the HK™ System

Health Kinesiology Level 2

HK 2: The Science of HK™

Health Kinesiology Level 3

HK 3: Issue Analysis

Health Kinesiology Level 4

HK 4: The Points/Operations Matrix

Health Kinesiology Level 5

HK 5: More Physiological Structures and Sensory Corrections.

Health Kinesiology Level 6 & Assessment

HK 6: THE END OF THE BEGINNING – New ways to analyse including causative analysis, bioflow analysis, age identity and more, Includes Assessment.

Health Kinesiology Level 7


Health Kinesiology Level 8


Health Kinesiology Level 9



Why Learn With Us?


Established for Over 20 Years

With an award winning tutor and great resources.


Over 250 Graduates

The majority of which have setup their own Kinesiology Practices worldwide.


Located in London and Online

We now offer our Kinesiology courses online as well as in London


Health Kinesiology UK Approved Instructors

Our tutor is fully accredited by the governing body for Health Kinesiology and has been awarded Tutor of the year by the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

Learn From Home

Online Learning Options

No need to travel to London anymore we are now online!  All levels for all courses are now available from the comfort of your own home.

About US

Our Story

Our Head Tutor Franky Kossy has been leading the Kinesiology revolution for the last 20 years.  Franky not only teaches but has a busy online practice as well as working from London’s Harley Street.


What Our Students Say

Learning the art of Health Kinesiology has changed my life. Having received kinesiology sessions from a local touch for health practitioner, I got the bug and decided to train and qualify. Health kinesiology was completely unknown to me … ( having enrolled on the wrong kinesiology course!) but I stuck with it and after completing the first level and seeing the affect it had on myself and all of my practice clients… I was hooked! Seven levels later I am still hooked and still thirsty for more. I run a small practice here in Monmouthshire and I use my skills on my self and family, which has been a God send in these troubled times.

Franky is a very special teacher. She is a perfectionist who instills the highest standards in her students and their work. She is thorough, progressive and completely devoted to her role as a teacher and Kinesiologist. Franky is very professional on all levels and insists on moulding her students into the very best kinesiology practitioners. We are the future of healing…

There is nothing I would change on this journey. I am so grateful for the gifts and tools I have developed with Franky and I look forward to more.

Allyson Coleman, Monmouth

Franky is an inspirational teacher. She has taught me since the beginning of my HK/EB journey and she has been a fantastic support and I have learnt so much. She is always there for her students even when they graduate. I highly recommend her.

Sarah Hopkins

Franky’s unique tutoring style and skills match each learner which ever way suits, for me, a Kinetic learner I needed lots of practical and hands on approach, Franky is patient and allows each student to develop at their own pace.

Gill Bauer

I’ve now completed a few of Franky’s advanced classes online and in person and every one is a treasure. Franky knows her subject inside out. She delivers her classes with passion and has a teaching style which is structured yet relaxed and fun.

Shelagh Cummings

“I completed Health Kinesiology training with Franky in 2012. Since then I have returned for further advanced level trainings and professional support. Franky as a teacher, mentor and practitioner is highly intuitive, unafraid to bring up the big stuff you need to look at, fully encouraging, discreet and a hoot to work with!”

Lilly A

“I started studying Health Kinesiology with Franky 5 years ago and 2 weeks ago I completed HK7. I have loved the Health Kinesiology journey and I’m sure Franky will agree I am no where near the person I was when we first met. I love Franky’s style of teaching; she imparts her experience to help bring the training to life making learning fun and permanent.”

Samantha S


Frequently Asked

Is Health Kinesiology compatible with my other therapies?

Yes, Kinesiology can be used in conjunction with other holistic and medical therapies.

How do I know the courses are right for me?

The introduction to Level 1 Health Kinesiology is a two day course designed to show you what is involved and show you useful tips that you can use on yourself and your friends and family.  It will also help give you a better idea of what is involved moving forward to the other courses.

Are the courses online only?

Currently the courses are online but we will have face to face courses once the regulations have eased. 

Is there a discount if I book more than one course?

We are currently offering £100 discount to candidates who book The introdction to Level 1 and Level 1 at the same time.

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