Kinesiology Courses in London (+Online)

Over 250 individuals have become fully qualified kinesiologists with the London School of Kinesiology in person or online.

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Leslie Robinson
Leslie Robinson
I have been taking the online courses With Franky - fascinating studies and glad to have the online distance learning option
Nicky Le Bailly
Nicky Le Bailly
HK Rocks and so does Franky In order for students to get the best results from their training , the teacher needs to be knowledgeable and passionate on the subject and Franky certainly was. She is a great communicator and listener with a friendly , caring and fun approach. I couldn't recommend Franky highly enough!
toni miladinov
toni miladinov
If you are interested in this type of work, learning Health Kinesiology/ Natural Bioenergetics will probably be one of the best decisions of your life. It simply delivers and "does what it says on the tin". And, if you want to learn it from a person who has been at the top of her game for 'only' about 20 years, then go to the London School of Kinesiology and speak with Franky Kossy. You will be glad you did! After taking six levels so far, I know I am glad I did it. Thank you Franky.
Yvonne Pascal
Yvonne Pascal
I'm still so excited by this course after my taster weekend. It's magic! Franky is a wonderful teacher. She's down to earth and passionate about what she does. I can't wait for more! I am looking forward to this journey.
Elena Moro
Elena Moro
i love learning not study ;).. i wasn't sure if going back to school was a good idea but after my first taster weekend literally can't wait to go back in July !! Franky is an amazing teacher, I'm so happy i chose her !
miha Nikita
miha Nikita
I am so happy I found Franky to study Kinesiology from! She seems to be the perfect teacher: very warm and delighted to share her knowledge with us students! Kinesiology for me is a new way of life and I can't wait to learn more with each level up that Franky teaches! If you have any doubt about Kinesiology just try the Taster course with Franky!
Charlotte Amery
Charlotte Amery
It's a great course and well delivered by Franky. Highly recommended!!
Wendy Smith
Wendy Smith
I am both a client if Frank’s and am doing HK training with her. Franky has many year's experience and is an excellent therapist who gets great results. She is also a fantastic teacher who makes a complex subject easy to grasp. I highly recommend her
Franky is a very knowledgable Kinesiology Therapist and also a fantastic teacher. I thoroughly recommend her courses they are so interesting and fun and open up the world of energy healing.
Graziela de Oliveira
Graziela de Oliveira
Kinesiology is more than a therapy, it's a deep understanding of ourselves in the most different subjects. Having sessions led me to the course to understand more about myself and others. It has made me more balanced, more focused and more conscious about everything. Frankly is an excelent teacher as she is very simple and clear the way she talks during the classes and all manuals are easy to follow and understand by yourself. The classes are easy going and fun to attend specially because of the whole energy flowing. If you are thinking of starting a class with Franky, I recommend!

Why the London School of Kinesiology? 

Accreditation in Health Kinesiology

Once you have completed Level 6 and its requirements, you can practice as a Health Kinesiologist and start earning money.


Support from Tutors

You will have full support from our tutors as well as manuals and videos and supervised practice days.

20 Years of Excellence

We have been providing kinesiology courses in London for over 20 years. During this period, we had our very own practice.

Guide to Kinesiology Courses in London (+Online) to Become a Fully Certified Health Kinesiologist within 2-Years

Training Courses to become a Practitioner

Pre-requisite Foundation Course

Level 1

This 4-day Health Kinesiology course is ideal for beginners without experience to practice muscle testing, basic meridian energy balancing, as well as work in the body’s sequence on you or your family and friends.


Level 2

This 4-day Health Kinesiology course takes it a step further by working on specific client concerns, profound allergy and tolerance testing, and ways to release blocked energy, plus more.


Level 3

This 4-day Health Kinesiology course enables you to address all aspects of client concerns to psychological techniques and methods for improving intellectual functioning.


Level 4

This 4-day Health Kinesiology course incorporates the use of programmed crystals, and procedures to improve clients’ five senses functionality as well as creating affirmations and more.


Level 5

This 4-day Health Kinesiology course enables you to further develop your skills concerning psychological techniques, improving intellectual functioning and incorporates chakra re-balancing, plus more.


Level 6

This Health Kinesiology course includes new ways to analyse, including causative analysis, bioflow analysis, age identity and more, and includes an assessment.


Training Courses for Qualified Practitioners

Level 7

This Health Kinesiology course includes additional tools, mostly used in the Points / Operations Matrix concept: sound/music, light/colour, as well as new factors, including Cellular Dynamics.


Level 8

This Health Kinesiology course introduces eleven unification structures as well as environmental factors, including personal space. We’ll also dive into more regarding energy balancing, psychological structures and processes.


Level 9

This is the final Health Kinesiology training course to become an accredited, fully qualified kinesiologist practitioner. It ties everything together as well as developing on life conceptions and psychological aspects.


Why Learn Kinesiology?

A New Way to Help Your Health

Kinesiology is a way of finding energetic imbalances and retuning them.

Increase Your Business / Job Opportunities

Whether you are looking to change career or simply add another string to your bow, Kinesiology is a great asset in your toolbox.

A Better Understanding of Your Health

With Kinesiology you will learn many new techniques to balance your energy system.

Become a Better Learner

The courses are well structured and follow a specific route to accreditation.  Your tutor has over 20 years of experience teaching Kinesiology.

FAQs About Becoming a Fully Certified Health Kinesiologist

What is Health Kinesiology?

A specialised branch of Kinesiology that uses unique methods to balance the energy of a person so that that person has a better quality of life in all aspects of health, physical, mental and spiritual.

Which Professional Bodies Support Kinesiology?

How Do I Qualify?

Pass all 6 modules and come to the assessment day. Continue on to do a 3-day Integrated Touch for Health course, and then you can start practising. If you want to advance to professional status, then there are non-kinesiology courses that are needed, all detailed in the Learners Handbook distributed on Level 1.

What are the Prerequisites to Become a Health Kinesiology Student?

A willingness to be open to new methods that make real changes in people’s lives. A willingness to be part of a group learning experience through observation, practice and discussion. A willingness to devote 4 days of intense learning every 3 months and back it up in between with case studies and learning journals.

What Do You Learn in the First Module?

As a Level 1 student, you get to learn the start-up protocol called MEB, allergy testing, raising tolerance and several stress release techniques which make your life and those of your family and friends happier.

What's Next?

After the first module, there are 5 more modules spaced 3 months apart in which you continue to learn more and more ways to unblock energy that stops you from being the real you. And finally, an assessment day in which you get to demonstrate what you’ve learned.

What's the Cancellation Policy?

Cancellations exceeding 10 business days prior to the course start date will result in a full refund minus £99 for processing. Cancellations within 5-10 business days of the course start date result in a 50% refund minus the £99 for processing. There is no refund for cancellations within 4 business days of the course start date or for missed attendance. The cancellation fee is waived if you find a replacement learner to take your place and they pay you directly. No refunds during or after the course. If a course is cancelled by the tutor, you are entitled to a full refund minus the £99 processing fee which is transferred to the next course.”  Please be aware that if class sizes significantly reduce it is up to the discretion of the tutor to either postpone the scheduled level or relocate to Ramsgate, Kent. 

Kinesiology Courses London Franky Kossy