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Training Courses for Non-Qualified Practitioners


This 2-day tester health kinesiology training provides insight into life as a kinesiologist, and you’ll learn some of the basic Muscle Response Testing and Energy Balancing techniques from the comfort of your home.

Level 1

This 4-day health kinesiology course is ideal for beginners without experience to practice muscle testing, basic meridian energy balancing, as well as work in the body’s sequence on you or your family and friends.

Level 2

This 4-day health kinesiology course takes it a step further by working on specific client concerns, profound allergy and tolerance testing, and ways to release blocked energy, plus more.

Level 3

This 4-day healthy kinesiology course enables you to address all aspects of client concerns to psychological techniques and methods for improving intellectual functioning.

Level 4

This 4-day health kinesiology course incorporates the use of programmed crystals, and procedures to improve clients’ five senses functionality as well as creating affirmations and more.

Level 5

This 4-day health kinesiology course enables you to further develop your skills concerning psychological techniques, improving intellectual functioning and incorporates chakra re-balancing, plus more.

Level 6

This health kinesiology course includes new ways to analyse, including causative analysis, bioflow analysis, age identity and more, and includes an assessment.

Training Courses for Qualified Practitioners

Level 7

This health kinesiology course includes additional tools, mostly used in the Points / Operations Matrix concept: sound/music, light/colour, as well as new factors, including Cellular Dynamics.

Level 8

This health kinesiology course introduces eleven unification structures as well as environmental factors, including personal space. We’ll also dive into more regarding energy balancing, psychological structures and processes.

Level 9

This is the final health kinesiology training course to become an accredited, fully qualified kinesiologist practitioner. It ties everything together as well as developing on life conceptions and psychological aspects.


What is Health Kinesiology?

A specialised branch of Kinesiology that uses unique methods to balance the energy of a person so that that person has a better quality of life in all aspects of health, physical, mental and spiritual.

Which Professional Bodies Support Kinesiology?

  • The Kinesiology Federation
  • Federation of Holistic Therapists

How Do I Qualify?

Pass all 5 modules and come to the assessment day. Continue on to do a 3-day Integrated Touch for Health course, and then you can start practising. If you want to advance to professional status, then there are non-kinesiology courses that are needed, all detailed in the Learners Handbook distributed on Level 1.

What are the Prerequisites to Become a Health Kinesiology Student?

A willingness to be open to new methods that make real changes in people’s lives. A willingness to be part of a group learning experience through observation, practice and discussion. A willingness to devote 4 days of intense learning every 3 months and back it up in between with case studies and learning journals.

What Do You Learn in the First Module?

As a Level 1 student, you get to learn the start-up protocol called MEB, allergy testing, raising tolerance and several stress release techniques which make your life and those of your family and friends happier.

What’s Next?

After the first module, there are 4 more modules spaced 3 months apart in which you continue to learn more and more ways to unblock energy that stops you from being the real you. And finally, an assessment day in which you get to demonstrate what you’ve learned.