Kinesiology Training Courses in London

We offer Kinesiology Training in London.

Courses are available to book now.

Find your new career path. We can help you gain an accredited Diploma at our London School of Kinesiology and become a fully qualified Kinesiologist.


Accreditation in Health Kinesiology

Once you have completed  Level 5 and its requirements you can practise as a Health Kinesiologist.

Support from tutors and online

You will have full support from our tutors as well as manuals and videos, and supervised practise days

18 Years of Excellence

We have been providing training courses in Kinesiology for over 18 years.

Our Courses

Train to become a Health Kinesiologist

4 Day Courses

You can progress through all of our courses and become a Health Kinesiologist in just over a year. Click below to book.

Intermediate & Advanced Courses

4 Day Courses

For those of you wishing to learn more Health Kinesiology we can train you to be a wizard at Health Kinesiology.

Health Kinesiology Taster

Online Support

We can offer support through Skype, Video and Manuals as well.  Contact us for more detailed information.


Why Learn With Us?


Established for Over 18 Years

Franky has won the FHT Tutor of the year award.

Over 100 Graduates

All of them are now able to practise Health Kinesiology and some can train as well.

Located in London

With easy access to dedicated training rooms.

Hands on Training

Learn Hands on Health Kinesiology with your peers under expert tutor supervision.

Retake courses

While you are training from hk 1-5 you are able to sit in on a previous course for free. 

I really enjoyed the Kinesiology courses taught by Franky. The atmosphere was always very relaxed and informal, yet the teaching was well organised and structured.

The thing I enjoyed the most was the fact that Franky adjusted to all students preferred learning style and depending on that she would approach students differently. To ensure that we all gain a good understanding of the presented material and feel comfortable using what we have learned.

Health Kinesiology gave me very comprehensive tools to work with clients and on myself on pretty much any issue and became my preferred method of work among all kinesiology systems that I have learned.


A Training Course in Action

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Attending Our School

Applying Online

You can book yourself on Health Kinesiology Taster by clicking here.

What is different about Health Kinesiology.

Health Kinesiology has a startup protocol to ensure the accuracy and validity of the muscle testing. It is a therapy that makes real changes in people’s lives. The methods used to open energy imbalances have been scientifically tested for its accuracy by the founder Dr Jimmy Scott PhD

About Franky Kossy

Living in the U.K. for 25 years and retrained 17 years ago to become a Health Kinesiologist after many years working in business as an accountant and a systems analyst . Franky operates her own Harley St clinic in London UK.

Franky creates a safe space for adults to learn a new profession in a friendly and fun environment.

Franky’s passion and enthusiasm spills into the courses and is reflected by her easy-going style of teaching.

Franky attracts students from all over the world to attend her classes.


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