How do I Qualify?


What you need to know about the Health Kinesiology program to qualify.

You do not need any special qualities to train in Health Kinesiology apart from a willingness to expand your knowledge and be prepared to do the course work required between each successive class. Most of our students start training in preparation of changing their career and study while continuing with their full time job.

The Health Kinesiology courses 1 through 6 classes are approximately 12 – 14 weeks apart and they must be taken in sequence. The FHT requires a minimum of 15 hours of case studies and 15 hours of learning for each level to be submitted to the tutor before coming attending the next level. If however you are unable to proceed with the group that you start with you have 9 months leeway to come onto the next level without losing your  registration.  It is also possible to take courses with different tutors as you come through the classes if dates don’t suit providing you submit the homework from the previous level to the tutor who taught you 2 weeks BEFORE the course you have transferred to.

Health Kinesiology works at an energy level to bring the client’s energy system into harmony and balance.  Once the meridian energy has been balanced to allow the energy to flow smoothly along the meridian pathways, energy permission is sought to work to deal with the client’s concerns and help them achieve their goals. In Health Kinesiology the practitioner examines four categories –

1) Energy Correction Factors where stress, both physical and subtle, locked anywhere in the system is released by highlighting the stress in as simple a way as possible and holding the acupuncture circuits that will ‘retune/correct’ or release the stress

2) Energy Toning Factors to help strengthen existing energy pathways

3) Adjunctive Factors to help support the physical body while the healing is processed and

4) Focused Energy Redirection which concentrates energy into a specific area to speed up healing.

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Investment Required

On receipt of your deposit you will be sent a confirmation of your place, a receipt for the deposit and a starter pack (one month before the course commences) with all the meridians and a number of the acu-points circled. It would be very helpful if you could read through the starter pack and become aware of the marked acu-points by finding them on your own body. As you learn so much in the 4 days of HK 1 it does help ease you in on the first day if you have spent time beforehand with the information sent to you.

The cost of training if you pay your deposit at least 8 weeks ahead of a course date is at a the discounted rate.  At HK 1 you are required to buy a special magnet for £1.00. You need to budget an extra £45.00 for magnets at HK 2 as you can’t really do the HK 2 case studies without them and perhaps buy some kit for doing the allergy work – maybe a further £80.00. Any other kit you buy is entirely up to you. At no point during the training are you pressured into buying kit You must join the Federation of Holistic Therapies as a student member from HK1 cost £30.00 which also covers you with free student insurance. A list of the insurers HK UK recommends is given to you at HK 1 and we do recommend that you organize your insurance from HK 1. You will also need to pay £50 towards the internal verification fee on HK3 We are the only K that has applied and qualified for the award given by the federation of holistic therapists.

As part of your training you start working on ‘clients’ usually friends and family from HK 1 but you are not able to charge for the HK sessions until you are a professional member of the KF and have insurance.  Once you have handed in your case histories for HK 3, completed a Professional Guidelines component and the tutor is pleased with the standard of work you are doing and you have insurance as a student member you may accept donations but you are not able to charge a fixed fee. Some students trained over the years have paid for their HK 5 class from donations received.

To join the Federation of Holistic Therapies (FHT) OR Kinesiology Federation (KF) as a newly qualified professional member you need to

(i) pass your HK final assessment and

(ii) be assessed for the Kinesiology Federation (KF) Foundation assessment.

(KF Foundation course Integrated Course for Health Kinesiologists with the Kinesiology Federation Syllabus over 3 days or you can do TFH 1 and 2 with an assessment to meet the FHT requirements.)

To gain full professional status with the Federation of Holistic Therapies or KF you must complete courses in Nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology, Counseling and Business Studies but we strongly recommend you wait until you have achieved FHTF Associate status before starting on these if you don’t already have qualifications in these subjects. You will be given information on the FHT’s recommended listed core subject providers at HK 1. There are also a number of good courses provided by local authorities at very little cost. Please make sure you get approval if you are going the route of local authorities.

Professional Member of FHT and Kinesiology Federation