Testimonials from students below attended at least one of the Kinesiology Courses London (+Online), which you can see by clicking on the link.

“I started studying Health Kinesiology with Franky 5 years ago and 2 weeks ago I completed HK7. I have loved the Health Kinesiology journey and I’m sure Franky will agree I am no where near the person I was when we first met. I love Franky’s style of teaching; she imparts her experience to help bring the training to life making learning fun and permanent.”
“I completed Health Kinesiology training with Franky in 2012. Since then I have returned for further advanced level trainings and professional support. Franky as a teacher, mentor and practitioner is highly intuitive, unafraid to bring up the big stuff you need to look at, fully encouraging, discreet and a hoot to work with!”
Franky, “Over the years I have been massively influenced by certain people, that have been instrumental in changing my life – if it was for Jane Fonda in the 80’s with her passion for Fitness I wouldn’t be a Fitness Instructor, and understand the importance of moving and loving your body. Likewise, if it wasn’t for Franky’s teaching skills, her structured way of delivering information, her inspiration to succeed, guidance and knowledge I wouldn’t be the type of Kinesiologist I am today, understanding the importance of loving and moving your Energy. Franky is my Jane Fonda of Kinesiology!!”

Franky is a wonderful Health Kinesiology teacher. I learnt so much in the courses that I did with her, she was very patient, caring and most of all great fun, which made the information we had to learn easy to put into practise when working on clients. I would highly recommend training with Franky, she is very professional, but also very friendly and approachable. I loved going to London for each course as it was central for travelling to.

 I really enjoyed the HK courses taught by Franky. The atmosphere was always very relaxed and informal, yet the teaching was well organised and structured.

The thing I enjoyed the most was the fact that Franky adjusted to all students preferred learning style and depending on that she would approach students differently. To ensure that we all gain a good understanding of the presented material and feel comfortable using what we have learnt.

Another thing I really liked are the teaching aids she provided and I must say I still use all the little booklets she has provided in my practice after completing the course.

At first it might seem that during the course only the information from provided manuals is repeated, and that reading through them should suffice in learning techniques. (The manuals are written in a very accessible manner and the content is very easy to grasp) however during the course Franky shares with students the energy of all correction she teaches, therefore taking the learning process beyond left-brain memorising into direct transmission to the cells of the body. I haven’t met many teachers other than Wisdom Keepers that are able to do that. Health Kinesiology gave me very comprehensive tools to work with clients and on myself on pretty much any issue and became my preferred method of work among all kinesiology systems that I have learnt.

Eli C