Learn how to muscle test and answer yes/no questions at the Health Kinesiology Taster. Come along on the 7th and 8th of December and learn a new tool which can expand your parental skills.


A new school year has started and we – as parents – want to support our children in their academic and social lives as much as possible. From homework, mock exams, school clubs, music lessons, sports competitions, extra tuition, social media, parties, climate change and the list goes on and on …. We are always trying to be as much present and supportive as we can but still sometimes we might find it difficult to know exactly what is going on with our children. Why are they behaving more hyperactive or less than usual? Why do they seem to be less communicative than other times? Why are they developing allergies to certain food now? You can find some of these answers through muscle testing and understand by yes/no questions even more about their physical and  emotional issues. 

And if your children are still babies or not yet at school age and you wonder why their sleeping patterns are changing , why they seem to cry more, why they wet their beds or they have developed some kind of rush? 

Join the Health Kinesiology Taster and expand your parental skills

A weekend course on the 7th and 8th of December and learn a new tool for life!

P.S: If you like the Taster very much and you feel you want to explore this field further you can enrol and start a new career.